‘Study in the USA’. ‘What is College in the USA like?

The Department of Education, in collaboration with the United States Consulate, is resuming conferences and activities for students and doctoral candidates who have a Fulbright and Benjamin A. Gilman International scholarships to stay in Catalonia. These actions are aimed at high school students and can cover a diverse range of topics based on the research of the grantee.Sophia Garske, an American student, recipient of a “Study abroad program ” scholarship at the Universitat Autonoma of  Barcelona, visited our institution. Sophia kindly agreed to share her culture and experience with our 2nd-year High School students. Her message was very motivating and she encouraged students to live experiences, take risks, and pursue their dreams. This talk is part of the Fulbright lecture series in collaboration with the United States Consulate in Barcelona. From our institution, Escola Industrial Sabadell, we express gratitude to both Sophia Garske and  Patricia Bello Gómez from Servei de Llengües Estrangeres i d’Origen.

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