Let’s talk about alcohol and screens

There are issues that are always current and are of particular concern to teachers and families. One of these issues is alcohol and the normalisation of alcohol consumption in society, especially among young people. It is for this reason that the students of 3rd ESO attended a talk, given by the Foundation Alcohol and Society, […]

International Women’s Day

From 6 to 10 March 2023, in our school we celebrate the InternationalWomen’s Day. We call it «Third Purple Week» because purple is theoffcial colour of the International Women’s Day and this is the thirdschoolyear we organise activities throughout the week.From different subjects, fields and specialities we value everything thathas to do with gender equality […]

Erasmus+ ESO i Batxillerat Accreditation

One of the projects we are very excited about this year is linked to the international mobility of ESO and Batxillerat students. The main objectives that the Mobility Committee – made up of teachers from different departments of the school, and in charge of the project – has set are, broadly speaking, three: Firstly, to […]

Crazy About Nutrition

We would like to introduce you to two students from our school who are participating or have participated in the programme “Mad for science”. They are Montserrat Téllez Duran (2nd science baccalaureate ) and Clara Castells (1st science baccalaureate), two students who have been selected from a large number of students enrolled throughout Catalonia, with […]

«APILO» Mission: Committed to the environment!

At our school we’re concerned about the environment! That’s the reason why we’ve started a campaign, the APILO Mission (the Waste Agency of Catalonia), with our 1rst of ESO students to make us aware that wasted batteries are highly polluting if we fill them anywhere. If we do not recycle them, they can endanger the […]