Youth for Climate!

One of the Community Services we have started this year at the school is called Youth for Climate! This is a pilot project organised by the Sabadell City Council (Energy Transition Service and MEL, Environmental Education) which is also being carried out in two other secondary schools in Sabadell (IES Vallès and Narcisa Freixas) during the 2023-2024 school year and which aims to raise awareness of the current climate emergency among students.

Two environmental health technicians from the MEL (Environmental Education) organisation in Terrassa are in charge of the project, which is aimed at 3rd ESO C students. Throughout the year, within school hours, the students revise and expand on the key topics on climate change (eco-dependence, global justice, eco-social transition, etc.) and then focus on the search for people who are a reference for them, young activists working on transformative projects to improve the current situation.

After the informative sessions, the students have to prepare and manage to interview a climate activist who can tell them the motivations, aims and objectives of their project. A joint conference with the other schools is planned at the end of the school year to present and share the work that has been done and the conclusions that have been reached.

It is important to highlight that this Community Service learning is included as one of the six main vectors of the new Lomloe curriculum: democratic citizenship and global awareness. Based on respect for people and the planet, we must work to achieve the commitment of young people to act in their present and build their future, working in community for the common good.

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