Let’s talk about alcohol and screens

There are issues that are always current and are of particular concern to teachers and families. One of these issues is alcohol and the normalisation of alcohol consumption in society, especially among young people. It is for this reason that the students of 3rd ESO attended a talk, given by the Foundation Alcohol and Society, in which the risks of alcohol consumption among young people were discussed. The talk was followed by a workshop and, at the same time, an informative telematic talk was also offered to interested families.

You can find more information about the advice given at the Foundation Alcohol and Society website:


On the other hand, another issue we deal with at school is the use of screens. We are a mobile-free ESO school and we try to promote activities that raise awareness of the responsible use of digital devices. In addition to the community service carried out by the 3rd ESO A students in collaboration with the SAIDP, and the workshops in the ESO classes, the AFA joined in with a session on “Guidelines for a good use of screens”, in which Gerard Vilanova and Xavier Polo (SAIDP) took part, with Marta Pontnou as moderator.

The exposure of hours in front of the screens, the content and the control of the content of what our children watch, how we can accompany them, what the school has to teach on this subject, etc. are some of the reflections that have emerged in this roundtable, which was participative and lively.

Links that can help us to educate our children in digital competence: https://www.pantallasamigas.net/

You will find a complete summary of the speech on the AFA’s web site:  https://www.ampaindustrial.org/6-pautes-per-un-bon-us-de-les-pantalles/

Families and teachers are convinced that we must continue to insist on these issues. They concern the entire educational community and need to be addressed from different perspectives. We hope to continue to create spaces for reflection and meeting so that families, teachers and students learn to better manage the use and abuse of both alcohol and screens.

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