International Women’s Day

From 6 to 10 March 2023, in our school we celebrate the International
Women’s Day. We call it «Third Purple Week» because purple is the
offcial colour of the International Women’s Day and this is the third
schoolyear we organise activities throughout the week.
From different subjects, fields and specialities we value everything that
has to do with gender equality and the visibility of girls and women in
the academic and professional spheres. We are aware that this demand
should not be expressed for just one week, but we do want to make
clear the necessary and essential work we have to do in coeducation, to
educate students in a more equitable and supportive society.
Personalities such as Núria Salan, Carme Forcadell, organisations such
as Cúrcuma and the Youth Office, experiences, works and various
projects show that we still need to continue raising awareness and
networking among all members of the educational community to
achieve a more feminist society, that is to say, a more free society.

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