Erasmus+ ESO i Batxillerat Accreditation

One of the projects we are very excited about this year is linked to the international mobility of ESO and Batxillerat students. The main objectives that the Mobility Committee – made up of teachers from different departments of the school, and in charge of the project – has set are, broadly speaking, three: Firstly, to promote the inclusion of pupils in the school’s activities, especially as regards their participation in short and long-term stays abroad. Secondly, to ensure that our students improve their linguistic competence in English in environments where the language is actually used. Finally, to develop teaching innovation, in order to enrich the methodological line of our school from these exchanges and experiences with other schools.

At this moment we can say that at Escola Industrial we are very happy, because these objectives have been recognised with the Erasmus+, KA120 accreditation, a European mobility project that will allow us to guarantee the necessary resources to achieve these objectives, through an action plan with different activities for the next four years, until 2027.

We hope that this new adventure will be enriching for everyone!

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