Our school, “Escola Industrial de Sabadell”, aims to modernise and internationalise its educational offer through the participation of HE students in Erasmus+ programmes so as to promote the learning of languages and gaining of work experience abroad. It is essential to participate in mobility activities in order to improve the quality of the VET studies and increase the possibilities of working and employability for our students. By working in other European countries, students will develop their linguistic competence as well as their professional background. We consider the traineeship abroad a key element in the learning process due to the fact that students will expand their workplaces network. By understanding other cultures and gaining experience in other local or international companies abroad, students will acquire different strategies and techniques to keep on developing their knowledge and experience being better qualified when they come back to Spain.

We plan to offer a more attractive course catalogue by implementing the international exchanges as our commitment to improve their learning process and professional careers. We aim to benefit all the students within the framework of equal opportunities considering mainly their economic background, age, gender, special needs and disabilities. Inclusion and plurality are vital for our institution. We take into account that the companies’ premises to do the traineeship are adapted for disabled people.

Furthermore, we are members of the Mobility Network created by the Regional Ministry of Education which is made up of Mobility coordinators of different HEIs. We meet monthly to share experiences and good practices and the coordinators offer us information about mobility and cooperation projects.

Our objectives and priorities for the following years are as follows:

  • To promote mobility among the academic and non-academic staff and students .To increase the number of incoming and outgoing students and staff year by year. . To broaden the network of collaborative companies and schools
  • To start signing agreements with new companies for traineeship and gradually increasing the number of mobile students
  • To give visibility to mobility activities through Open Doors events, to encourage former Erasmus students and staff to share their experience and benefits of their experience and to publish information related to all the exchanges on our school webpage.
  • To create a Mobility commission to evaluate the impact of the mobility Project and progress of our strategic plan and implement measures to improve when planning the next mobility project for the following academic year . To fully respect each and every of the principles set out in the programme.

a)We choose our partners via our academic staff who have already participated in other exchanges, besides we have contact with the local business network and we plan to keep on looking for partners through e-twinning, School Education Gateway webpage, Facebook, i.e using the social networks. We take into account the seriousness, reliability, quality, innovation, inclusion, good practices and above all try to share the same study programme and course catalogue of our school. In addition, we are currently taking part in a KA2 Erasmus + Strategic Partnership Project therefore we have already established links with partners from other European countries such as Portugal, Italy and Romania and it is a very gratifying and enriching experience of strategic partnership.

b)When choosing the geographical areas we bear in mind these priorities: European countries whose their second main language is English as well. As we live in a bilingual region, we also study French, Italian, Portuguese and German as a third language therefore we think we can communicate fluently with our partners in any of these languages.

c)The most important objectives and target groups of our mobility activities with regard to staff and students including study and training are to promote Erasmus+ mobility as part of a wider employment strategy. To start building sound relationships with other partners in the international labour market and to be able to broaden our experience in international exchanges and gain further experience in Erasmus+ mobility programmes.