Language Support

Incoming and Outgoing students

Support for Incoming Students

As regards our institution’s language support for incoming students and staff, participants will be assigned a peer mentor to each incoming mobile participant. Peer mentors are selected by their knowledge of the language and their ability to communicate with others both in Catalan and Spanish considering we are a bilingual region.

Our institution offers a special service called ‘Reception class’ (Aula d’acollida) where foreign students can practice local languages. Incoming participants could attend this special class if needed. Other ways of learning the languages are via online platforms or attending The Official School of Languages and Consorci per a la Normalització lingüística.

Catalan Language Partners:

Partnership between foreign participants and native speakers will be promoted from the school as a language exchange. Therefore if possible interests match this might be a good way to start.
This is a programme in which a Catalan or Spanish speaker volunteer gives her or his time in order to learn the targe language.

Support for Outgoing Students

Regarding the language policy, the school is compromised to apply the English language in all the VET courses. This policy is reflected in the following actions:

  • The English language is studied in most of the VET courses. Teachers also teach some subjects in English in their training units. It is compulsory to have as an assignment 10% of the final projects in English.
  • There is continuous training for the VET teachers in English.
  • We have agreements with the Official School of Languages and some other private institutions such as International House and FIAC.
  • The Town Hall also offers a Conversation assistant for students every week so as to improve the language. Moreover, the Town Hall offers scholarships for the students to go on studying languages such as French or English in the private academies of the city of Sabadell.
  • Both students and teachers have access to an online platform which belongs to the IOC Institute to study the English language online or take free courses as part of their continuous training. We also know that the Erasmus+ programme offers an online platform for mobile students called OLS to start preparing themselves for the mobility.


Find attached the following link where you can find some resources to lear and improve the language skills of the students or staff: