Mobility Recognition

  • The credits that students achieved abroad are automatically recognised by the Head of Studies with the supervision of the Regional Ministry of Education.
  • After graduation, the students’ background is included in the Transcript of Records attached to the Diploma Supplement with their original titles and translations, the indication of the institution where they have been taken and the credits and grades awarded.

The recognition of incoming students mobility is as follows:

  • Students receive a Transcript of Records, ECTS credit system is used to make the credits transfer easily to the partner HEI. The partner HEI is responsible of making the full academic recognition for the courses taken at our institution.
  • Our school recognition of mobility for traineeships in enterprises (FCT module):
    • Each official course taught at our institution provides around 350-hour module for traineeships depending on the degree.
    • The FCT module is compulsory and automatically recognized with 22 ECTS credits once the work placement is completed upon mentor‘s positive evaluation.
    • The transfer of credits is documented in the Work Placement Certificate and the Diploma Supplement or Europass Mobility Document.
    • The Diploma Supplement is designed to provide graduates with a transparent record of their achievements.