Language Policy

The access of the integrated labor market in the EU makes the English language an essential necessity in the labor insertion of students of vocational training.

Likewise, it is necessary to respond to the commitment to the educational objectives on the English language raised for the next years by the European Union.

Taking as a starting point that a great number of higher VET students, who come from the Post-Secondary Education, have the B1 guaranteed in English by the national curriculum.

In the mobility project, knowledge of foreign languages and English in particular, is very important. For this reason, the INS Escola Industrial de Sabadell applies a linguistic policy that guarantees the necessary level of knowledge of the language of the destination country.

The preparatory actions for mobility are the following ones:

  1. In all the programmes, the teachers, design learning activities that incorporate the use of English at least in one of the subjects of the studies.
  2. The Languages Department gives support to the students in order to translate and correct the documents and presentations made in English language.
  3. EOI of Sabadell is a course provider and also an accredited centre in Spain to issue official certificates according to CEFR, so students also have the opportunity to take official exams. The content of the exam is prepared according to European Language Portfolio and it consists of five parts: Grammar in Use, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, at the proficiency level of B1/B2. Outgoing students have to get minimum 65 points out of 100 to pass the exam and take part in mobility programmes.
  4. Students also have an opportunity to improve their foreign language skills by using Erasmus OLS (Online Linguistic Support). Our Languages Department strongly recommends using this tool and offers full guidance to participants before mobility and once at their destination.
  5. For staff mobility, participants must have a B2 official language certificate in order to be trained in a foreign country. In order to achieve this level for the most part of the teacher, each year, a teacher-oriented course is programmed to obtain B2 level of English.