Contact with de Mobility Service


Mobility Coordinator: Paulina Sacovechi .

Business-School Coordinator: Tomas Marín.

The Mobility Service

The Mobility is a Service of the Institut Escola Industrial that manages the mobility of students, teachers and PAS of the Institute to other institutions, through agreements or collaboration agreements. In addition, it promotes the international relations of the Institute with the management and monitoring of specific projects and agreements.

It will also manage job offers abroad advising the student about the documentation needed to access the calls. The office of mobility and exchange promotes the International relations of the Insitut Escola Industrial. Its mission focuses on several points:

a) Promote mobility among students
b) Promote the mobility of teachers to participate in courses or workshops and then share their learning experiences with the rest of the educational community.
c) Provide information on the process of recognition of the competences or the process of homologation of the degree in the different countries.
d) To promote the possibility of exchanging experiences among young people of the same age and similar professional competence.
e) To strengthen the feeling of European citizenship and the knowledge of the culture and habits of other countries.